You're an Airbnb host now, so congrats! 

But whether you plan to convert just one property or multiple units into short term rentals, you must be wary of the headache self-management can bring.

Let's face it: week after week of meticulously stripping the beds, cleaning the sink, unplugging the drain, and wiping the countertops may quickly drain you both physically and mentally.

Luckily, now you can automate your Airbnb cleaning! Yes, you read that right. Not only does it sound great, but being able to relax while someone else works for you means you can use your time and energy on other resources and ensure that your vacation rental is up and running at all times.

Why Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning?

Unless you work in a cleaning company, chances are you're not familiar with the products, tools and methods used by professional cleaners. Hence, even if you put your best effort into cleaning your vacation rental, you may overlook those barely noticeable stains, dust bunnies or the hair left behind in the bathroom sink!

Make no mistake; your renters expect you to maintain the same cleaning standards as that of any well-rated hotel. Not to mention, as a host, you're responsible for giving value for money and providing your guests with an impeccable rental experience.

Not convinced yet? We've mentioned some more reasons to automate your cleaning services.

  • It ensures your guests are happy

No one needs to tell you how important customer satisfaction is. Of course, happy clients will translate into positive reviews, recommendations, and repeat bookings in the long run. However, the easiest way to your guest's heart is to provide him with a properly cleaned and sanitized vacation rental. Your guests are paying you for the space, so they have every right to be extra sensitive about issues you might consider trivial.

Besides, the pandemic has only made matters worse. Guests are now more cautious about germs and sanitization than ever before. So, if they're not satisfied with the cleaning job, they won't hesitate in giving your listing a negative rating. A professional cleaning service can help you avoid such a situation.

  • It will save you time, effort, and money

When it comes to giving your unit a good scrub, it can take anything between a few hours to as long as an entire day, all depending on how much cleaning it needs. However, Airbnb hosts usually have a lot on their plate and putting so much energy and time into cleaning isn't practically possible, especially while they’re constantly inundated with bookings.

By automating your Airbnb cleaning services, you not only have your cleaning needs taken care of, but you can also save money and use your time on other responsibilities. With professional cleaning services such as Turnify, there should be no room for doubt that all your cleaning issues are dealt with right the first time. So, you don't need to worry about any mistakes, refunds, or unhappy guests.

  • Help you listing get verified with Airbnb

Dueto the pandemic, many rental agencies have imposed tighter cleaning and sanitization standards, making it hard for vacation rentals to fulfill each and every requirement. While Airbnb.com has provided a 5-step guide, it can be daunting for owners struggling to maintain their listings. 

Besides, failure to adhere to adequate cleaning standards can lead to harsh fines and even get banned from the Airbnb platform. That said, Professional cleaners have their way around the nitty-gritty of cleaning, so you can automate the process and let them do their job. And rest assured that your listing will comply with all cleaning rules and regulations and steer clear from being penalized.

How to Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning?

While a lot goes into automating an Airbnb business, setting your listing's cleaning services on autopilot deserves top priority. 

Here's how you can automate your rental cleaning services.

  1. Find Professional Cleaning Services

When it comes to maintaining high standards, professional cleaning companies are the right choice. Mainly because your guests expect to receive similar cleaning standards as any other hotel in the area, even if they pay a bargain price for a bigger space, they still prefer to rent a neat and clean apartment.

On the other hand, hotels not only charge more for a comparatively compact space, but they also have full-time housekeeping staff to keep their rooms spick and span round the clock—can you beat that? Yes, now you can. By employing a professional cleaning company, you can ensure that your rental is spotless between guests' bookings. Once you automate your Airbnb cleaning services, you'll never want to go back—ever again!

  1. Keep tab on your supplies

Being well-stocked is essential since your guests would hope for a relaxing and stress-free stay. Running out of toilet paper rolls during their stay is probably the last thing your guests need. Keeping a tab on your supplies will not only keep your guests happy, but they will also return the favor by giving you a five-star rating.

Request that your cleaning crew maintains track of all of your inventory, not just cleaning items. They should alert you when something is about to run out so you can replenish it in time to avoid unhappy visitors and critical reviews.

  1. Schedule Your Cleanings Periodically

Cleaning your rental is not just about sweeping and mopping between each guest stay. In fact, there's a lot that goes unnoticed during routine clean-ups. Think of removing limescale buildup in your pipes, moping behind the fridge, cleaning the thick dust on top of your wardrobe and other commonly missed cleaning spots in your Airbnb property.

Hence, keeping your unit in top condition means you need to schedule deep cleanings time and again. Depending on the frequency of stay and number of guests each month, it's a good idea to schedule deep cleaning sessions every 3 to 6 months.

  1. Hire a cleaning team that’s easy to pay and schedule

Between managing multiple rentals, providing hospitality, and managing back-to-back bookings, you've probably got your hands full. This sometimes makes it difficult to schedule/reschedule cleaning shifts after every turnover. 

Hire professionals that you can book online and share notes with the cleaning team wherever you are. Not only is this hassle-free, but it will also save you a lot of headaches, and you know that happier guests means better ratings, revisits, and more business!

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