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Turnify‘s calendar sync feature simplifies property management by seamlessly integrating with booking platforms and property management softwares. With automated calendar synchronization, you can easily manage availability, turnovers, and plan your day effectively.

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Calendar Conundrums? Unravel the Mysteries with our FAQs

What is an iCal URL?

An iCal URL is a unique link provided by booking platforms or property management systems (PMS) that contains your property's booking information. It allows Turnify to synchronize your property calendars with your bookings.

Can Turnify integrate with any iCal URLs?

Yes, Turnify can integrate with any iCal URLs. Whether you use Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, or other booking platforms, we can update your property calendars with your bookings.

Can Turnify integrate with property management systems (PMS) like Guesty, MyVR, or Hostaway?

Absolutely! Turnify can integrate with popular property management systems like Guesty, MyVR, Hostaway, and more. We ensure seamless synchronization between your PMS and Turnify for accurate calendar updates.

What if I operate multiple properties and require custom integrations?

If you manage multiple properties and require custom integrations, we've got you covered. Our team can work with you to establish tailored integrations that meet your specific needs and ensure smooth synchronization across all your properties.

How does the Auto Calendar Sync work?

Once you provide us with your property's iCal URLs or integrate with your preferred PMS, Turnify will automatically update your property calendars with the bookings from your connected platforms. This ensures accurate and up-to-date availability information for efficient property management.

Client Testimonials

"Turnify's calendar sync has been a game-changer for my property management. It helps me stay organized and ensures that every turnover is seamless. I no longer have to worry about missed cleanings. It has truly transformed the way I manage my properties."
John Wilson - Toronto, Canada
3 properties
"The calendar sync feature has revolutionized the way I manage my turnovers. It ensures that no property is overlooked, and I can easily plan and track all cleaning and maintenance tasks. The seamless integration with multiple booking platforms makes my life so much easier. I highly recommend Turnify to fellow hosts."
Sarah Thompson - London, UK
Sarah Thompson - London, UK
18 properties
"The calendar sync feature of Turnify has saved me countless hours of manual work. It keeps all my property calendars in sync across different platforms, giving me a clear overview of upcoming reservations. I can easily plan my cleaning schedule and ensure that each property is ready for the next guest. Highly recommended!"
David Lee is managing Airbnb properties with Turnify.
David Lee - Los Angeles, USA
7 properties
Housekeeping Solutions Provider

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