Efficient Staff Management for Streamlined Operations

Simplify and Optimize Your Airbnb Staff Management Process

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Simplify Your Staff Management with Turnify

At Turnify, we understand the challenges of managing a team and ensuring smooth operations for your vacation rental properties. That’s why we’ve developed an intuitive and powerful Staff Management feature that allows you to streamline your workforce and enhance productivity. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and support you need to effectively manage your staff, so you can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences and growing your business.

Unlock the full potential of your team with powerful features.

Off Day Management

Easily manage and track your staff's off days, ensuring optimal scheduling and staffing coverage.

Staff Ratings & Scorecards

Assess your staff's performance and track their progress with built-in rating and scorecard features.

Historical Job View

Gain valuable insights by accessing a historical view of your staff's completed jobs, allowing you to analyze performance trends and make data-driven decisions.

Secure Access Information Handling

Protect your property's access information with Turnify's secure system. Staff members can only view access details when their assigned job is due, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.

Client Testimonials

"Turnify's staff management features have revolutionized the way I handle my team. With the off day management feature, I can easily track and schedule their days off, ensuring seamless staffing coverage. It has greatly improved the efficiency of our operations."
Sarah, London, UK
20 properties
"The historical job view feature offered by Turnify has been a game-changer for our business. It provides a comprehensive overview of our staff's completed jobs, enabling us to analyze performance trends and make data-driven decisions for better resource allocation."
Emma, Sydney, Australia
30 properties
"One of the standout features of Turnify is the security it offers in managing staff. Our team's access to job-related information is limited until the assigned job is due, ensuring confidentiality and safeguarding sensitive information. It has given us peace of mind and strengthened our trust in the platform."
Laura, Paris, France
2 Properties

Take Control of Your Staff Management with Turnify

Discover the power of Turnify for your staff management needs. With our comprehensive features and intuitive platform, you can efficiently manage your team, track performance, and ensure smooth operations. Take control of your staff management and unlock the potential of your workforce with Turnify.

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Turnify is the leading platform revolutionizing the Airbnb property servicing industry! With our advanced features such as automated scheduling, real-time tracking, and quality assurance, we empower hosts to provide exceptional services to their Airbnb and vacation rental properties. Join us today and take your hosting experience to the next level with Turnify!

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