Standardize Turnovers for Consistent Property Excellence

Efficient, Comprehensive, and Customizable Checklists for Streamlined Property Operations

Service-specific Checklists

Enhance service quality and stay informed with Turnify’s service-specific checklists. You can easily create and customize checklists for each service, ensuring consistency and maintaining high standards. 

Real-time updates from staff keep you informed about the progress of your properties, enabling efficient communication and seamless operations.

Client Testimonials

Since implementing Turnify's advanced checklists, my property management has become more efficient and streamlined. The seamless integration of photos allows me to visually inspect units remotely, saving me countless hours. The Virtual Inspection service is a game-changer, providing an extra layer of accuracy and assurance. Turnify has truly revolutionized the way I operate.
Sarah - Miami, USA
10 Properties
Turnify's advanced checklists have made a significant difference in managing my properties effectively. With the seamless integration of photos, I can easily inspect units remotely, saving me a tremendous amount of time. The evidence-based problem-solving approach has helped me resolve disputes and provide accurate solutions to guests. Turnify is a must-have tool for any property manager.
Carlos - Barcelona, Spain
12 Properties
Turnify's advanced checklists have revolutionized my property management workflow. The ease of creating customized checklists for each service ensures consistent quality across all properties. The photo integration feature allows me to visually verify completed tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Turnify has truly simplified my operations and elevated the guest experience.
Maria - Berlin, Germany
6 Properties

Master the Art of Airbnb Management with Advanced Checklists

Discover the power of Turnify’s advanced checklists and take your property management to new heights. With our innovative solution, you can create customized checklists for each service, ensuring consistent quality and efficient operations.

Streamline your processes, save time, and deliver exceptional experiences to your guests with Turnify’s advanced checklists.

Advanced Checklist FAQs

Can I create customized checklists for different services on Turnify?

Absolutely! With Turnify's advanced checklists, you have the flexibility to create tailored checklists for each service you offer. From cleaning to maintenance, you can define specific requirements and tasks for your service providers to follow.

How can I ensure quality and consistency with the checklists?

Turnify's advanced checklists allow you to create sections, such as rooms or areas, where you want to focus your inspection. By adding checklist items under these sections, you can ensure a systematic and thorough evaluation of each property. This helps maintain consistent quality across all your services.

Can I request photo proof for checklist items?

Yes, you have the option to ask for photo proof for each checklist item you deem necessary. This provides you with visual evidence of completed tasks and helps you monitor the condition of your properties. It also enhances transparency and accountability between you and your service providers.

Can I ask questions to service providers using the checklists?

Absolutely! Turnify's advanced checklists offer a communication feature that allows you to ask questions directly to service providers. This enables you to have better control over inventory, ask for specific information, and receive prompt responses. It enhances collaboration and ensures smooth operations.

How does the inventory control feature work with the checklists?

With the ability to ask questions and receive answers from service providers, you gain valuable inventory control abilities. You can inquire about stock levels, report any damages or missing items, and ensure that everything is in place for a seamless guest experience. It helps you stay organized and proactively address any inventory-related issues.

Can I use the same checklist for different properties?

Yes, Turnify allows you to use the same checklist for multiple properties. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to create separate checklists for each property. You can easily assign and apply a checklist to multiple properties, ensuring consistency in your airbnb hosting experience.

Does Turnify provide default checklists to get started?

Yes, Turnify offers standard checklists for each service as a starting point. These default checklists serve as a foundation and can be customized according to your specific requirements. You can modify them, add or remove checklist items, and tailor them to fit the unique needs of your properties and services.

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