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Empower Your Staff to Report and Resolve Issues in Real Time


Easy Problem Reporting

At Turnify, we understand the importance of promptly addressing property issues to maintain guest satisfaction and the overall quality of your rental. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive Problem Reporting Tool, empowering your staff to report and resolve issues in real time. With this powerful feature, you can stay ahead of potential problems, ensure efficient maintenance, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Enhanced Problem Reporting Capabilities

Real-time Problem Reporting

Staff can report property issues directly from their mobile apps, ensuring immediate notification and prompt resolution.

Comprehensive Problem Categories

Turnify's problem reporting tool covers a wide range of potential issues, including damage, maintenance needs, safety hazards, and more.

Historical Problem Data

Maintains a historical record of property issues, providing valuable insights into recurring problems and take proactive measures for long-term improvement.

Marketplace Integration

In case of unexpected or unstaffed service types required to address a reported problem, Turnify's integrated marketplace feature allows hosts to easily find and hire service providers with the necessary expertise.

Client Testimonials

"I no longer have to rely on my staff to inform me about issues in the properties. With just a few clicks, they can report any problems they encounter, and I receive instant notifications. It has improved our response time and ensured that our guests have a seamless and hassle-free experience."
Joe Nguyen
"With Turnify's problem reporting tool, I can stay on top of any issues in my properties, no matter where I am. The ability to create new jobs directly from the reported problems has been a time-saving feature. I appreciate the transparency and efficiency it brings to our operations."
Liam Anderson
"The problem reporting feature of Turnify has given us peace of mind knowing that our staff can quickly report any maintenance issues they come across. It has improved our communication and coordination, allowing us to address problems promptly and maintain the quality of our properties."
Ava Wilson

Streamline issue resolution, and stay one step ahead of potential problems

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FAQs - Problem Reporting Feature

Can my staff report problems from their mobile devices?

Yes, Turnify's problem reporting tool is accessible through the mobile app, allowing your staff to report issues directly from their smartphones.

Can I assign a specific staff member to handle a reported problem?

Yes, you have the flexibility to assign a specific staff member or create a new job for addressing the reported problem. This ensures efficient handling and resolution of issues.

Is there a way to analyze the historical data of reported problems?

Yes, Turnify provides a historical data feature that allows you to analyze past reported problems. This helps identify recurring issues and take preventive measures to ensure a smooth property management process.

What kind of issues can be reported?

Turnify's problem reporting tool allows your staff to report a wide range of issues, including damaged or broken items, missing or stolen items, excessive dirt or mess requiring deep cleaning, malfunctioning appliances or equipment, pest or insect infestations, plumbing or electrical issues, safety hazards, maintenance needs, vandalism or signs of unauthorized entry, issues with access to the property, late checkouts by guests, unreported pets or additional guests, complaints or issues from neighbors, and more. This comprehensive reporting system ensures that any problem or issue can be addressed promptly and effectively.

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