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We’ve been working on our biggest update so far to make your life more than easier. It’s time to level up your Airbnb cleaning and property management with the new Turnify. We built this platform to support our own business, and used it to clean for over 1 million guests. We’re so confident that you’ll gain the same efficiencies we did, that you can use all of our premium feature, completely free for 60 days.



Turnify - Blue Check Per clean fee
Turnify - Blue Check Full-service solution
Turnify - Blue Check Cleaning team provided
Turnify - Blue Check Onsite/virtual training
Turnify - Blue Check Brand standards compliance
Turnify - Blue Check Full access to Turnify app
Turnify - Blue Check Virtual/onsite inspection
And More!


Turnify $5 per cleaning
Turnify We manage your cleaners
Turnify Attendance monitoring
Turnify Auto-scheduling
Turnify Real-time task tracking
Turnify Amenity inventory tracking
Turnify Damage reporting
And More!


Turnify - Blue Check $6 to $12 per property/month
Turnify - Blue Check Premium app access
Turnify - Blue Check Auto scheduling
Turnify - Blue Check Advanced and smart checklists
Turnify - Blue Check Real-time task tracking
Turnify - Blue Check Amenity inventory tracking
And More!

Enterprise Plans

Turnify Property Manager/Multi listing hosts
Turnify Volume pricing
Turnify Mix and match plans
Turnify VIP support
Turnify Dedicated team
Turnify Slack integration
And More!

The Most Intuitive, Easy To Use Airbnb Cleaning App On The Market

From auto-scheduling to virtual inspection, Turnify is the easiest to use Airbnb cleaning service. You can see Airbnb cleaner scorecards, create custom checklists, track amenity inventory, get notified in real-time of the status of your property cleaning, and more!

Turnify | Airbnb Cleaning App

Auto scheduling

Auto scheduling allows you to automate the sending of checkout cleans to your Airbnb cleaners. With auto-scheduling, your Airbnb cleaning process is supercharged, hassle-free.
Have more than 1 property? Auto-scheduling saves you time and hassle by sending the checkout cleans to the right cleaners, automatically. Sit back and enjoy your Sunday coffee.

Turnify | Auto Scheduling
Turnify | Virtual Inspection

Virtual inspection

Can’t make it to your property? We got you covered! Our team of quality experts inspects your property and makes sure your Airbnb cleaning is done right, every time. High-res photos are uploaded to the app, where you can view them and rate the cleanings, providing useful feedback.

Cleaner scorecards

Training cleaners is tough! Our proprietary scorecards let you easily boost quality by using data to understand where your cleaners need improvement, and where they’re shining. A cleaner score is generated based on data such as: photos, reviews, job acceptance, and other KPI’s.

Turnify | Cleaner Scorecards
Turnify | Advanced and Smart Checklists

Advanced and smart checklists

The recipe for a great turnover is in the “ingredients” list, or the checklist. Add your custom checklists so your Airbnb cleaning is done to your standard. Your guests expect items a certain way, make sure it’s done to their expectation by adding specific details and even one-time requests.

Real-time task tracking

In addition to gaining peace of mind, real-time tracking allows you to see the progress of your Airbnb cleaning in one click. View the cleaning progress from start to finish, without sending a single text message.

Turnify | Real Time Task Tracking
Turnify | Amenity Inventory Tracking

Amenity inventory tracking

Let’s face it, consumables run out.. ALOT! Our amenity tracking system allows cleaners to report low inventory in a single click, just let them know what you provide! With our amenity inventory tracking, you can add items to your list and let your cleaners know what needs to be added.

Location tracking

Worried that your cleaner clocked in and isn’t onsite? With our location tracker, you can ensure the cleaner is at the property from the moment they arrive. Calling and messaging cleaners to check if they’re onsite is a thing of the past!

Turnify | Location Tracking

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