Vacation rental income is a great way to earn some much-needed cash. With Airbnb, you can rent out almost anything and everything; be it private rooms, villas, houses, or beach houses. However, vacation rental has its challenges. This "business", if you call it that, needs proper time and management skills. 

You need to have an accurate calendar of your paying guests, be vigilant to clean the entire property after your guests leave, and keep an eye out for any damages. It doesn't take long to realize that this process requires attention and effective management. So, continuing this business on your own is virtually impossible if you don't live on the property. 

Turnify is an all-in-one checkout automation app to supercharge your Airbnb property. It is truly a remarkable tool and allows you to relax while knowing that your property is in good hands. So, how exactly does Turnify help you to manage your Airbnb property? 

  1. It understands the needs of your property 

Although there are many residential cleaning companies apart from Turnify, very few of them understand the dynamics of short-term rentals. It is not an easy feat to clean and sanitize the entire property in a matter of a few hours before your new guests' check-in.

Therefore, Turnify is the ultimate solution for these woes. The efficient online system has a complete database of every property and its relevant bookings. The staff can quickly see when the next guests are due to check in/out, locate the cleaning supplies and get down to work. Turnify is nothing less than the top-tier Airbnb cleaning. 

From changing linens to doing the laundry and dusting, this Airbnb cleaning service makes sure that your property is immaculately clean before the arrival of your next guests, even if they are due to check in a few hours later. 

  1. Your property is cleaned as per your instructions 

Our Airbnb cleaners have access to all the instructions and photos provided by the owners, so they know exactly how to clean your Airbnb. Even if some of your furniture has special cleaning needs, all you have to do is instruct them once. The Turnify team will always make sure to do exactly as they are instructed. 

In addition to making sure that your property is immaculate, this Airbnb cleaning will ensure that everything is organized just the way it is supposed to be. Our team has a careful eye out for details and understands the unique dynamics of short-term rentals, so we strive hard to be more than just Airbnb cleaners.

  1. Turnify offers you a variety of add-on services 

Like we have mentioned before, Turnify is much more than just an Airbnb cleaning service. It offers you a variety of add-on services in addition to the basic cleaning service. It can prepare fabulous welcome kits for your guests, help you optimize your Airbnb listing, and offer you photography services for new listings.

Many customers choose Airbnb over conventional hotels and lodgings because they want a more personal experience, and the chance to interact with the local community and to live as one of them is something you cannot do in a hotel. Therefore, Turnify helps you to give your guests a more personal experience by going above and beyond. The add-on services are quite affordable considering their long-term benefits. Turnify ensures that your guests are satisfied and leave you with top-tier reviews. In turn, this will improve your listing on the Airbnb site and help you get more bookings. 

  1. Turnify helps you manage your property more effectively 

If you have multiple properties on Airbnb, you must know that managing them all is a nuisance. The cleaning requirements of each property, keeping an eye out for damages, making sure that the place is immaculate; all these tasks can be very difficult to manage single handedly.

Turnify gives you an easy tool to manage your properties. Every detail of your place is essentially coordinated with the Airbnb cleaners, automatically. The platform  is extensive, intuitive, and detailed enough to help you get a quick summary of the condition of your property in 1 click. With the automated scheduling, no longer do you need to schedule cleaners manually. As soon as a guest books, the checkout cleaning is automatically scheduled, without any manual input.. Turnify is also extremely attentive and keeps a careful eye for any damages such as a missing remote control or a pipe leak. The live reporting function allows you to see the progress of your cleanings in real time, without sending a single message. The Turnify Concierge team is available at any time to answer any questions you may have, be it supply levels, future cleanings, and more. 

  1. All in one cleaning solution for Airbnb property

Are you tired of always ordering the cleaning supplies for your Airbnb property? Constantly having to check every detail? Having to schedule cleaning appointments again and again after every paying guest and instructing the cleaning team over and over again?

As Turnify, we help resolve all these problems. We bring supplies, so you don't need to fret about restocking them time and time again. We keep an eye out for your place and make sure that it is neat and organized. You can also have a live, visual tour of your place if you live out of town so you can see for yourself that your property is managed appropriately. The automatic calendar and database also ensure that you don't have to schedule cleaning appointments after every checkout. Thus, Turnify not only helps to keep your Airbnb property clean but also allows you to manage it effectively as well.  

If you are considering investing in Airbnb cleaning services, Turnify is one of the best options in the market.

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