Let’s face it, your rating and reviews on Airbnb.com can make or break your reputation. With endless options to choose from, higher ratings and positive word of mouth are some key factors for keeping your reservation logbook pages filled.

So, if you want to elevate your game, you need to do what it takes. Cleanliness is one area that can help you score higher. This is where professional cleaning services come into play. Not only are they a lifesaver for property rental owners, but they can also help you score higher on cleanliness, and make more people want to stay at your rental home. 

How Can Cleaning Services Elevate Your Airbnb Game?

Who doesn’t like to come home to a mess-free, clean place? Not only is it pleasant to look at, but it can instantly uplift your mood and leave an energizing effect. That said, keeping it this way is no mean feat and takes a lot of sweat, maintenance, time, and even tears at times.

However, as a host, cleaning your rental property yourself might feel daunting when you’re already overloaded with work. Fortunately, every problem has a solution, and for you, that answer is to hire a professional cleaning service for your vacation rental.

Here’s how cleaning services can elevate your Airbnb game,

  1. Helps You Turn Over Your Rental Property Fast

If you want your rental business to rock and roll and make good money, you need to be able to speed up your turnover rate. Since they’re well trained to use the best tools and cleaning supplies, hiring a professional cleaning team can help you step up the process between guest check-in and out.

As a tradeoff, you can accommodate more guests and consequently make more money in less time. Hence, choosing the right cleaning service can have a huge impact on your rental property.

  1. Improve Long Term Maintenance

Dirt and grime buildup cause damage to your furniture, appliances, and other surfaces. However, getting your unit cleaned regularly by a professional team can prevent dust from setting in the nooks and cranny around your rental space. So, the more well-maintained and cleaner your listing is, the less you need to stress over any significant wear and tear.

When it comes to upping your rental game, you might want to make the best of every opportunity you get and grab as many clients as you can. Building a good rapport with your guests is a sure-shot way to receive rave reviews on your listing and give yourself the leverage to price higher than your competitors. With so many negative reviews tarnishing rental companies, now is the time to jump ahead of the competition by partnering with a five-star cleaning company like Turnify, that knows the ins and outs of vacation rental cleaning.

  1. Automating Your Rental Cleaning

Since most guests are tempted to take complimentary items and toiletries home with them, they’ll notice when supplies are not replenished. If you don’t want to let your guests down, make sure you have enough supplies stocked so you don’t run out.

By ensuring your guests are happy and satisfied with your services, you can bet that your guests will want to revisit you and give your rental a high rating.

Additionally, automating your rental cleaning services can be a game-changer if you don’t want to worry about replenishing supplies and other essentials for every rental unit. Not only will this give you enough room to do other things on your schedule, but it will translate into customer satisfaction and better business in the future as well.

  1. Your Vacation Rental Will Be Kept to The Highest Standards

Needless to say, when you take the help of cleaning services, your rental home will be in the best shape possible. Since they are pros at what they do, the cleaners you hire will be able to tackle even the toughest of stains, grease, and grime that your visitors leave behind.

You can also automate your cleaning services by sharing your calendar with your cleaning team to know when you need their services. Schedule all your deep cleans ahead of time so that your vacation rental is spick and span and always ready for any last minute reservations. 

  1. Your Guests Are Happy

When your guests leave with a smile, they’re much more likely to come back and leave a good word about you. As a rental business, who knows the importance of a positive review better than you? Not to forget it will help to attract more visitors, scale your business, and repeat bookings. That said, even seeing one speck of dust can change your guest’s mind about you—this is how important cleaning is for people.

Since covid-19 restrictions are loosened up, and more and more people are traveling again, cleanliness and sanitation hold utmost importance. A professional cleaning service can ease your guests, and if they’re stress-free, they can relax and enjoy their stay.

  1. Create a Pleasant Environment

Your guests can tell how clean a place is by how it smells. A well-kept home will always smell nice. This is one reason realtors use scented candles or infuse them with baking smells for their open house events. The pleasant aromas give a sense of comfort, and guests feel welcomed and can envision themselves living there. 

When we apply this to your rental, a fresh smelling space will leave a positive impact, promote feelings of calm and tranquility, alleviate stress, and make your guests feel at ease.

Unfortunately, apart from dust and debris, your rental may be home to all sorts of germs and bacteria that can give off unpleasant smells. A professional cleaning team will be able to tackle any lingering odors in your home and ensure that your place looks not only clean but also smells good.

  1. Help You Get Verified with Airbnb.com

Renting your listing through Airbnb means you must comply with their cleaning standards. Last year the company introduced stringent cleaning and sanitization requirements that every rental needs to follow. While you may not be perfect for the job, your cleaning service can achieve the target without breaking a sweat.

Rental owners who fail to comply can face serious consequences, including removing their listing from the site. However, with a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that all cleaning requirements are taken care of and get you verified with Airbnb.com.

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