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Explore Turnify's Powerful Features

Discover the Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Property Management Experience

Automatic Calendar Sync

Consolidate your guest bookings from Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com and other major booking platforms and channel managers into a single, centralized calendar so your service providers won’t miss a beat.

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Auto Scheduling

Eliminate the need for manual booking and cleaning confirmation with Turnify's fully automated system. Turnify allows you to schedule cleanings and automatically assign jobs, ensuring that your short term rental property is always ready for your next guest.

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Easy Hiring

Gone are the days of endless searching and interviewing cleaning teams. With Turnify's marketplace or TurnifyPRO plan, you'll gain instant access to thousands of verified, insured cleaning companies. Grow your portfolio without the hassle.

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Intuitive Checklists

Leverage our checklists to implement/update brand standards across your portfolio from one screen. Ensure homes are cleaned and staged correctly from anywhere in the world, by virtually inspecting high res photos, inventory counts, and more.

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Real Time Updates

View cleaning progress, damage reports, maintenance requests, and more, all in real time, right from your smartphone. Leverage the app to accommodate early check in requests, and complete repairs faster than ever before.

White Glove Support

Our concierge support team provides responses via slack, whatsapp, phone, email, sms, and more, all within 30 minutes or less. We're the partner you've been waiting for, without the high costs. Whatever your needs are, we're here to deliver every single time.

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Transforming Housekeeping Operations

Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Housekeeping Management Needs

Turnify as an App with Your Housekeepers

Streamline and optimize your operations with Turnify. Empower your teams with our intuitive app, enabling seamless task assignment, real-time communication, and performance tracking. Enhance coordination and productivity, ensuring efficient cleaning services for your guests.

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Turnify as a Housekeeping Manager

Simplify and streamline your housekeeping management with Turnify+. Manage your housekeepers effortlessly through our platform, where we handle the coordination, scheduling, and performance tracking on your behalf. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in expert hands.

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Turnify as a Director of Housekeeping

Elevate your housekeeping operations with TurnifyPRO. Our comprehensive solution takes care of the entire housekeeping process from sourcing and training to management. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our expert team handling recruitment, training, and supervision.

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Man and Woman Vacuuming: Efficient Cleaning for a Spotless Home with Turnify

Discover Skilled Professionals for Various Services

Discover trusted professionals for your property management needs on Turnify Marketplace. Find cleaning, maintenance, and handyman services with ease. Connect with experienced experts for a seamless guest experience.

Effortless Communication and Collaboration

Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and enhance communication within your property management workflow with Turnify’s comprehensive set of communication tools. Streamline your operations, improve teamwork, and ensure efficient coordination across your team, staff, and service providers.

Communication at Your Fingertips

Stay connected with your team and service providers using Turnify’s in-app messaging feature. Seamlessly communicate, share updates, and coordinate tasks for smooth operations.

Real-time Notifications

Stay in the loop with instant notifications and alerts from Turnify. Receive timely updates about job assignments, property changes, and important events to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Checklist Management

Simplify your workflow with Turnify’s intuitive checklist management. Create, edit, and assign checklists to ensure consistent and thorough execution of tasks. Stay organized and ensure quality standards are met with ease.

Capture and Manage Job Photos

Keep a visual record of your property’s condition and work progress with Turnify’s job photo management. Capture and upload photos directly from the app, ensuring transparency and effective communication among team members and service providers.

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Quick Answers

What is Turnify?

Turnify is a comprehensive platform that connects property owners (hosts) with service providers, streamlining property management and facilitating efficient communication and collaboration.

How can Turnify benefit vacation rental owners?

Turnify offers a range of features designed to simplify property management, such as automated job scheduling, checklist management, and in-app messaging. These tools help streamline operations, enhance communication, and ensure high-quality services.

Can I use Turnify for different types of properties?

Yes, Turnify is suitable for various property types, including vacation rentals, residential properties, apart-hotels and commercial spaces. The platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of each property.

Is Turnify suitable for property management companies?

Absolutely! Turnify offers features that cater to the needs of property management companies, including staff management, job tracking, and client communication. It provides a centralized platform for efficient property management operations.

Can I integrate Turnify with other software or platforms?

Turnify offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with other tools and platforms such as Guesty, Hostaway, Hospitable, and many more. This enables property owners to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity by connecting Turnify with their existing systems.

App + Marketplace

$6/Month Per Property
  • Unlimited Properties
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Marketplace Access
  • Job Photos
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Auto Payments
  • Turnify Messenger
  • Mobile App for Hosts
  • Mobile App for Staff
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  • Everything In Basic Plan
  • We Manage Your Team
  • Cleaner App Training
  • Virtual Inspection
  • Slack Integration
  • Mobile App for Hosts
  • Mobile App for Staff
  • Dedicated Support
  • White-Glove Onboarding
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  • Everything In Basic And Plus
  • We Source Your Team
  • Vetting + Interviewing
  • Onsite Training (+50 units)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Flat Fee Per Clean
  • Virtual Inspections
  • Team Coaching
  • Volume Pricing (+25 Units)
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Turnify is the leading platform revolutionizing the Airbnb property servicing industry! With our advanced features such as automated scheduling, real-time tracking, and quality assurance, we empower hosts to provide exceptional services to their Airbnb and vacation rental properties. Join us today and take your hosting experience to the next level with Turnify!

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