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Grow Your Cleaning Business!

Are you a professional, highly rated, cleaning business? Are you looking for more Airbnb cleaning or housekeeping jobs? Look no further! Turnify Pro is a program, powered by our Airbnb cleaning software, in which you can grow your business in partnership with the largest Airbnb cleaning company in the US. Apply today to start the process!

We’re Turnify – and we’ve served millions of guests via Airbnb cleaning over the last few years. We love supporting local businesses ❤

How Does It Work?

We’re cleaners by trade, so we know what it takes to be a top tier airbnb cleaning service. We understand what a fair price is for an Airbnb cleaner’s job, what it takes to uphold service values, and the communication involved to support multiple clients. Our goal is simple, we provide the tools for you to focus on the highest level of cleaning, while handling the headache-laden admin tasks so you don’t have to.

With Turnify PRO, your Airbnb cleaning service app, you handle the Airbnb cleaner and housekeeping jobs, and we’ll handle the rest. Turnify handles all client communication, invoicing, scheduling, damage + inventory reporting, and more. You’ll get access to a member of our concierge team who can answer any questions you may have while onsite or otherwise.

If accepted into the program, you’ll learn all about our proprietary cleaning process that creates high-quality yet efficient cleanings. Once you’ve onboarded, you’ll be able to service your first unit with us, and your ongoing performance will determine the growth of your business.

The best part? Turnify charges no fees to you, ever.

Who Can Qualify?

To qualify for Turnify Pro, you’ll need:

  1. A registered business, with active EIN (no independents please!)
  2. More than 1 year focused on airbnb cleaning
  3. A clean business credit history
  4. More than ten 5-star reviews online, with a total score of a 4.5 or higher
  5. Proof of general liability insurance
  6. 3 to 5 references that will rave about you
  7. Tech-savvy – able to easily use the Airbnb cleaning App
  8. A desire to outperform your competition, and grow your business!

Turnify Pro receives thousands of applications each year, only accepting 4% annually. Why? Our collective brands are based on the quality of cleaning we provide to our clients, so our Turnify Pros need to have the ability to deliver on that every single day.

Ready to submit your application via our Airbnb cleaning software? Our Pro team is standing by and ready for you!

Questions? Email us at support@turnify.com or via call/sms to 1.833.839.4678

Frequently Asked Questions

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