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We manage “your” airbnb cleaners so you don’t have to.

So, you’ve found an awesome cleaning team, but you’ve likely found out that managing them day to day is tough. Let us become your virtual housekeeping manager today!

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Why Turnify+?

Turnify+ allows you to select your own cleaning team, and plug them into our virtual housekeeping department. Similar to how a short term rental property manager handles the day to day of a home, we manage your daily cleaning operation, for a fraction of the price of a full time manager.

We’ll ensure that everything is taken care of prior to your next guest, while you view progress from the app, from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of frantic phone calls, tasks left incomplete, and guests left with questions!


What We Do

We are the ideal solution for any Airbnb host. We manage your  housekeepers, minimizing  time spent on scheduling, phone calls, emails, and more.


We’ll ensure that your team is aware of their upcoming schedule, including adjustments like late check outs, and early check ins. Each day, we’ll monitor attendance, focusing on prompt arrival, and timely completion.

Follow Up

As ad-hoc and recurring tasks pop up, simply send them over, and we’ll take care of it. We’ll ensure you and your guests have all of your cleaning requests completed within the timeline you’d like, and follow up with you once completed.

Photo Upload

We’ll monitor your cleanings to ensure that your team is uploading photos after each clean, every time. We’ll also have the ability to review photos via a virtual inspection to check for proper staging, inventory, and more, at your request.

Document & Report

As soon as your cleaner notices damage or low inventory you’ll be notified right away. These reports are stored by cleaning date, so that you’ll always have a record of when items were ordered, or when a guest may have been liable for damages.

Single Point of Contact

With Turnify+, our team becomes your single point of contact for anything that you may need. Whether you connect with us on Slack, or prefer an SMS, gone are the days of fumbling to find a number or hoping someone answers.


Whether you prefer your own checklist, or you’d like to use ours, checklists align your expectations with actionable performance. We’ll provide a standard checklist for you to use and edit. We’ll ensure your housekeepers are aware of your expectations, and follow the checklist each turn.


We support our clients and cleaners like hosts support their guests, with hospitality, communication, and more. Our concierge team replies to any inquiries within 30 minutes or less, so you can ensure that you’ll never be left wondering if your message was received.

Inventory Tracking

With our technology, we’ve created an easy way to report inventory, in order to trigger a replenishment before it runs out. Guest consumables can be tracked on a per cleaning basis, or via a regular inventory checklist, monitored by us. If urgent inventory needs arise during the cleaning, you’ll be notified instantly!

Compatible With All Short Term Rental Platforms

How does it work?

Our onboarding team makes starting service absolutely painless. Click “get started” – request to be reached how it’s most convenient – sms, email, call – it takes just 5 minutes! we’ll help you:

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Add Your Properties

Sign-up for free to list your properties on Turnify. Enter relevant property information, from smartlock codes to trash removal, laundry, and more. Ensure your team is set up for success by providing specific detail.

Your Remote Airbnb Cleaning Manager: Turnify+ 13

Add Your Staff 

Add your cleaners to your host account to get the team set up. Once complete, we’ll send an email introducing our process and provide guidance on using the app, your expectations, and more. We’ll answer any questions they have, and guide them on the next steps.

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Add Your Checklists

Your properties, your rules! Create a master checklist and add it to your porfolio, or create a unique checklist for each property. This is the guidance we’ll use to coach your team. No checklist? No problem! You can use our proprietary checklist for free.

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Pick A Go Live

On the date of your choosing, we’ll “turn on” Turnify+ for your properties. Choosing a date ensures your cleaning team is ready, and everyone is aligned. We make it super easy to make the move, as we know what it takes to uphold smooth operations during a transition.

Your Remote Airbnb Cleaning Manager: Turnify+ 16

View Progress, Easily

Download Turnify on your mobile device and track everything with a single click, from anywhere in the world. See the photos from your cleanings, view the status of your properties, get inventory reports, and more!

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