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White-Glove Hiring

No, we’re not a marketplace, we interview, vet, train, and guide our Turnify Pro teams to perform at the highest level.

Our Turnify Pro application approval rate is 10%, because we know that picking the right team first is key.

In-Depth Vetting

After securing a team for your rentals, we’ll perform thorough vetting, from interview, to reference and background checks, to entity verification, insurance validation and more.

We provide a level of confidence backed by our diligence process that is totally unmatched.

Day to Day Management

We’ll manage all of the day to day requests, questions, and attendance of the Pro teams, so you don’t have to worry. Commercial clients can connect with our support teams on Slack! Whether you have 1 unit or 100, your single point of contact can accomplish your requests with ease.

Grow Your Business

Turnify Pro allows hosts and operators to refocus their efforts on guests, pricing, and marketing, since we’ll take over “back of the house” management.

Grow your business more efficiently with your newly found free time!

Meet Our Partners

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Your Virtual Housekeeping Management Team

When you hire a cleaning company, you’ll get your cleaning done. When you hire Turnify, you’ll get a top-tire cleaning team, virtual/on-ground inspections, an assigned concierge rep, and access to cleaning photos, schedules, and more via our cutting edge Turnify app. Get more for your cleaning fees with Turnify Pro!

Housekeeping Solutions for Multi-Unit Hosts
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A New Way to Grow Your Business

With Turnify Pro, our goal is for our hosts to be completely hands-off. Yes, you read that right, we’ll work tirelessly day in and day out to clean and provide a great experience for your guests, while you focus on growing your revenues, listing counts, and more. Never before has it been this easy to refocus on what matters most!

Work with the Best Cleaners

Our Turnify Pro’s are the best in the business, and we’re proud of the work they do! We closely monitor your teams performance via our Scorecard, and we’ll be prepared to make a change if necessary. If your current team isn’t working out, we’ll work on ramping up a new one, without a need for you to search, vet, or hire, ever again!

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