Get 5% Cashback Cleaning Rewards with Hostfi

Hostfi is the easiest way to streamline your rental expenses. Use your Hostfi card to pay for Turnify cleanings and earn 5% cash back, every time.


The Commercial Visa Card for Short-Term Rental Hosts

Streamline expenses per property, automate tax deductions, earn 5% cashback rewards on cleaning & get insights

Streamline Property Expenses By Card

Get a virtual spending card for each property.

Host Income & Expense Management

No manual tagging or spreadsheets needed. Instantly tag expenses to each property by using different cards.

FDIC-Eligible Cash Management Account

Your deposits into Hostfi are FDIC eligible up until $250k, so feel secure with your account.

Add to Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Samsung Pay

Carry your cards in your mobile wallets for contactless payments.

Calculate Tax Savings + Categorization

Hostfi uses your tax inputs to show how much you’re saving on every transaction, and tag each transaction by its tax-deductivle category instantly, saving you time during tax filing.

Automated Tax Filing Next April

Hostfi will file your taxes related to your short-term rental or integrate with your personal tax + accounting software to make tax season a breeze. 

Ready to explore Hostfi?

Use your Hostfi card to receive up to 5% cashback rewards on your Turnify cleanings!