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From auto-scheduling to virtual inspection, Turnify is the easiest to use Airbnb cleaning service. You can see Airbnb cleaner scorecards, create custom checklists, track amenity inventory, get notified in real-time of the status of your property cleaning, and more!

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Supercharge Your Airbnb with Turnify App

Check out how the Turnify app makes Airbnb cleaning a breeze.

Auto Scheduling

Auto scheduling allows you to automate the sending of checkout cleans to your Airbnb cleaners. With auto scheduling, your Airbnb cleaning process is supercharged, hassle-free.

Virtual Inspection

Can’t make it to your property? We got you covered! Our team of quality experts inspects your property and makes sure your Airbnb cleaning is done right, every time.

Cleaner Scorecards

Training cleaners is tough! Our proprietary scorecards let you easily boost quality by using data to understand where your cleaners need improvement, and where they’re shining.

Smart Checklists

The recipe for a great turnover is in the “ingredients” list, or the checklist. Add your custom checklists so your Airbnb cleaning is done to your standard.

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We built this platform to support our own business, and used it to clean for over 1 million guests. We’re so confident that you’ll gain the same efficiencies we did, that you can use all of our premium feature, completely free for 60 days.

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3 Reasons to Choose Turnify

Our simple and effective platform allows you to manage your properties hassle-free.

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As the premier short term rental cleaning app, Turnify makes your and cleaners’ lives easier. With Turnify, you can manage your Airbnb from anywhere in the world, while keeping tabs on your team, cleaning fees, virtual inspections, and more.

Airbnb Cleaning Service App | App Store
Airbnb Cleaning Service App | Google Play

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Turnify Pro is an Airbnb cleaning service focused on excellence, thanks to our groundbreaking technology.

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