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After working with commercial hosts, the below trends became all too clear:

Limited options exist to scale headcount efficiently and quickly.

In-house teams are increasing costly, adding to overhead every single year, and with every new unit launched. Outsourcing to multiple, small vendors leads to a lack of control and intensive oversight.


Communication and payments strewed amongst dozens of platforms

Slack, Whatsapp, SMS, email, phone calls, Paypal, Venmo, invoices…it never ends! Having multiple partners means your team is responsible for making sure all parties are attended too on whichever platform they use.

Boosting and controlling quality relies on a single (or a few) internal ground staff

While 1 manager for 100 units looks great on your P&L, the quality of your brand relies on that person alone. Let’s face it, risking it all on the back of a single human is..well, risky!

Turnify | Amenity Inventory Tracking

Limited leverage points with decentralized staff

A multi-city portfolio needs centralized data. A lack of centralized housekeeping data causes friction in the quality improvement process. 

Lack of centralized system for hybrid strategy

With a mix of in-house and outsourced teams, from maintenance to housekeeping and everything in between, the lack of a central system to manage every step causes additional work and potential for errors. 


Now, by plugging in Turnify, here's what you'll get:

Centralized Data

Monitor staff via our scorecards, track durations, view headcount, and more!


Scale Seamlessly

Add Turnify headcount on demand, not random independents

Boost Quality

Via our virtual inspections, on ground inspections, easy to use screens, and  incentives via performance scorecards

airbnb cleaning

Pay & Chat Easily

Chat with cleaners, add tasks, and more. No more incessant phone calls! Set your teams up to be automatically paid via our Stripe connectivity.

Central Guest Service Hub

Simple screens give national or global visibility with realtime ETA’s so that you can serve guests with less communication to field teams, faster!


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