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TurnifyPRO Cleaning Estimator

Looking to get a quick idea of what it might cost to have TurnifyPRO clean your rentals? Enter your information below to get a preliminary estimate. Note, the calculator should be used only as a ballpark figure on the estimated cleaning costs, and may be subject to change due to: locale, level of finishes, checklists, and more. Once you get your estimate and you’d like to proceed, reply to your onboarding expert via email or sms, and we’ll review your estimate + set your go live date. Note, all estimates are reviewed for accuracy, so if please confer with your onboarding expert, or email us at onboarding@turnify.com for an immediate review.

Get Started Onboarding

Want to get a jumpstart on onboarding and test the Turnify app? Creating a free host profile is the first step for any plan, and takes just a few clicks. Enter your property info, select “TurnifyPRO” under “Cleaning Provider”, and you’ll be one step ahead. If you end up not choosing TurnifyPRO as your plan, you can simply select another, or test the app free for 30 days.