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Who is Turnify for?

5 things to know: COVID-19 and Airbnb cleaning

I’m looking to automate my day to day cleaning operations with my own team

A Complete Guide to Vacation Rental Cleaning

I’m looking for top tier cleaners powered by a cleaning automation app

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Airbnb Property

I’m a vendor/partner looking to serve hosts and manage my business with your app

A cleaning management platform that soars above the rest. No credit card required!

Features Built from Experience

Connect your calendar

Add your team (or use ours)

Create your checklists(or use ours)

Auto schedule all cleanings

Track real-time progress, inspect virtually, rate cleanings


Why Turnify?

Founded in 2016, Turnify began completed thousands (and then hundreds of thousands) of cleanings per year, on behalf of the largest operators in the space. At one point, we had to hire someone just to click through a scheduling app, and the calls/text to the cleaners were endless. We built this platform to solve all of our own needs, and figured that hosts around the world, with 1 listings or 1000 could benefit from our experience packed into a simple app.

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Do more with your Airbnb property

Auto Scheduling

Smart Checklists

Real-time Tracking

Inventory Checklists

Virtual Inspection

Cleaner Scorecards

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